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Create a link URL to Enable your Alexa Skill (en_US / es_US only)

If you publish Alexa Skill for the US, we can create a link to enable your skill for the Alexa user in the US. […]


If you publish Alexa Skill for the US, we can create a link to enable your skill for the Alexa user in the US.

We are excited to announce Quick Links for Alexa (beta), a new capability available in the U.S. that lets you add a link from your mobile app, website, or online ads that customers can click to launch your skill. This makes it easy for customers to access your skill, and easy for you to track conversion from online ads. Learn more in our technical documentation.


We have to pass these requirements.

  • The skill has been published in the US
  • User has their own Alexa Account in the US
  • The skill is a custom skill
  • It’s not Child-directed skill or HIPAA skill

See the Documentation

How to create a Link to the Skill

We need to get the skill’s ID at first.

We can get your own skill id from the Alexa developer console or ASK CLI

Copy skill ID from Alexa developer console

List and find it out from ASK CLI

% ask smapi list-skills-for-vendor | jq ".skills[] | .skillId , .nameByLocale"
  "en-US": "Example Skill"

Link format

The link format it this.<YOUR_SKILL_ID>/launch

If the skill ID is amzn1.ask.skill.xxxx-1234-5678-yyyy, the URL should be

What page will the user see from the link?

If user can activate the skill, they will see the following Landing Page made by Amazon.

This LP request to us to Sign in by Amazon(US) account. So if the Amazon(JP) or Amazon(DE) customer clicks the link, they will fail to sign in and can not see the page.

Appendix: with Custom Task

If the skill has a custom task, we can create a link with custom task.<skill-id>/tasks/<custom-task-name>/versions/<task-version>?<task-input-key1>=<task-input-value1>&<task-input-key2>=<task-input-value2>


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