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Record the AWS Lambda function log by lambda-log or @dazn/lambda-powertools-logger2021/01/28

AWS Lambda’s log will store in CloudWatch Logs. So we want to log the script data as a JSON format to se […]

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Amazon Alexaask-sdk
How to test the progressive response API call by ask-sdk with jest2021/01/28

We often use a “progressive response” to the speech any content to wait for the long task. And we […]

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NetlifySaaS / FaaS
Debug Netlify build in our local env by using “Netlify Build Image”2021/01/05

We can build & deploy our own application by using Netlify. But, sometimes, we want to debug or test the b […]

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Create Next.js Application with passwordless authentication by using Magic2020/12/23

Magic is a simply Authentication Service and SDK. We can easy to create applications with passwordless / WebAu […]

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gatsbyJavaScriptSaaS / FaaSStripe
Lists and Get Stripe Product / Plan / Price by using Gatsby2020/11/27

Sometimes, we use Stripe to manage the product/plan data master. And we want to show these product/plan data o […]

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Deploy Nestjs application created by Nx to AWS Lambda using the serverless framework to deploy it2020/11/25

Nx can create monorepo application easily. And Serverless Framework can deploy and maintain your Nestjs applic […]

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Amazon AlexaAPLask-sdk
[Alexa] Lightweight package to write SSML as TSX (@talkyjs/ssml)2020/11/08

Before Alexa Live 2020, I’m using ssml-tsx library to write a SSML as JSX(TSX). But, the library is conf […]

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Most simply Next.js application starter2020/11/07

I need to get the most simple starter for Next.js using Typescript. It’s just run create-next-app and se […]

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Using Ionic Framework into Next.js application (without using @ionic/react)2020/10/30

For now, we can not use @ionic/react into Next.js application. When we install and import it, we’ll get […]

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Migrate Create React App from JavaScript to TypeScript by using ts-migrate2020/09/08

ts-migrate is a Node.js tools to convert from JavaScript to TypeScript. We can easy to migrate your React appl […]

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Run e2e test by using Jest and playwright with TypeScript2020/09/03

The playwright is a compatible headless browser framework to puppeteer. And it is maintaining by Microsoft. We […]

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Execute snapshot testing by using Jest and puppeteer2020/09/03

We can test your application/website by using Jest and puppeteer. And sometimes, we want to detect what HTML h […]

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Testing own custom React hook by using `@testing-library/react-hook` with Jest2020/08/19

Sometimes we create an own custom React hook for your own React application.And these hooks have a several fun […]

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Serverless FW
[serverless-yaml2ts] Simply convert command from serverless.yml to serverless.ts2020/07/31

Serverless Framework will support a serverless.ts. That’s a great news for TypeScript users. So I publis […]

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Amazon Alexa
Create a link URL to Enable your Alexa Skill (en_US / es_US only)2020/07/23

If you publish Alexa Skill for the US, we can create a link to enable your skill for the Alexa user in the US. […]

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Amazon AlexaAPLask-sdk
Create APL template using ask-sdk-jsx-for-apl with TypeScript2020/07/23

Since AlexaLive 2020, we can create APL tempalte by using JSX. Let’s try it. 目次 InstallCheck and update […]

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[aws-cdk-cloudfront-s3] Simple AWS CDK Construct library to create CloudFront with S3 using OAI2020/06/29

Today I publish a new npm library for AWS CDK. We can easy to create website using CloudFront / S3 with using […]

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Format Lambda invocation input from EventBridge using AWS CDK2020/06/24

By default, Amazon EventBridge will wrap the event parameter like this. But sometime we want to get the input […]

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Create a Log stream URL for AWS CloudWatch Logs from AWS Lambda request context2020/06/24

Sometime we want to get the Lambda execution’s log stream URL on AWS CloudWatch Logs. And we can create […]

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Execute schematics-cli from oclif2020/06/20

Schematics is a one of the famous generator tool. It’s using in Angular / NestJS / and any other big pro […]

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