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Lists and Get Stripe Product / Plan / Price by using Gatsby

Sometimes, we use Stripe to manage the product/plan data master. And we want to show these product/plan data o […]


Sometimes, we use Stripe to manage the product/plan data master. And we want to show these product/plan data on our own website without posting to another CMS or data source.

When using Gatsby, we can get it by using Source plugin

Prepare: Get a limited API Key

We can get the Stripe data by using the Stripe API key, but the basic API Secret has huge permissions.
In this case, we just read product and plan or price data from API, we don’t have to get any other permission.
So, I recommend creating a Limited Key on the Stripe Dashboard.

When we want to get Stripe products/plans/prices, we must add reading permission for this resource. And, need to allow to read the PaymentIntents.

I’m not sure why, but the Stripe API will throw a permission error when disallow to access the PaymentIntents resource.

Add and configure gatbsy-source-stripe plugin

We can get Stripe data by using this plugin.

$ npm i -D gatsby-source-stripe

And should define the configurations in the gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-source-stripe`,
      options: {
        objects: ['Product', 'Plan'],
        secretKey: process.env.STRIPE_API_SECRET,

In this example, the source plugin will get the Product and Plan resources from Stripe.

Check and test the GraphQL Query and Schema

After updating the gatsby-conig.js, we can execute gatsby develop command.

When we run the command, we can access the GraphiQL console.And the URL is like a http://localhost:8000/__graphql.

Then, we can test the GraphQL query on this console, and use the query into Gatsby React component.

Get Stripe Plans by product

If you want to list the plans by product ids? We need to write any code into gatsby-node.js

import { SourceNodesArgs } from "gatsby";
import Stripe from "stripe";

const nodeType = 'CustomProductWithPlans'
export const sourceNodes = async (args: SourceNodesArgs): Promise<void> => {
  const {
    actions: {
  } = args
  const stripe = new Stripe(process.env.STRIPE_API_SECRET, {
    apiVersion: '2020-08-27'
  const publishableProductIds = [
  const products = await Promise.all( productId => {
    try {
      const product = await stripe.products.retrieve(productId)
      return product
    } catch (e) {
      if (e.code === 'resource_missing' && /prod/.test(productId)) {
        return null;
      throw e
  })).then(data => data.filter(Boolean))

  const datasets = await Promise.all( (product) => {
      if (!product) return null;
    const {data: plans } = await stripe.plans.list({
      product: typeof product === 'string' ? product :,
      active: true
    return {
  datasets.forEach(product => {
      if (!product) return;
    const data = {
      id: createNodeId(`${nodeType}${}`),
      internal: {
        type: nodeType,
        contentDigest: createContentDigest(data)
  return undefined;


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