Testing React component including SVG file by using Jest and tsdx

When we use an SVG file inside a React component, the test will be throwing these error. Solution: use jest-sv […]


When we use an SVG file inside a React component, the test will be throwing these error.

  ● Test suite failed to run

Jest encountered an unexpected token

This usually means that you are trying to import a file which Jest cannot parse, e.g. it's not plain JavaScript.

By default, if Jest sees a Babel config, it will use that to transform your files, ignoring "node_modules".

Here's what you can do:
 • To have some of your "node_modules" files transformed, you can specify a custom "transformIgnorePatterns" in your config.
 • If you need a custom transformation specify a "transform" option in your config.
 • If you simply want to mock your non-JS modules (e.g. binary assets) you can stub them out with the "moduleNameMapper" config option.

You'll find more details and examples of these config options in the docs:


Solution: use jest-svg-transformer to support an SVG file

Using the jest-svg-transformer library, we can test the React component that using an SVG file.

% yarn add -D jest-svg-transformer

If you using tsdx, we can put a new jest.config.js file like this example.

const {createJestConfig} = require('tsdx/dist/createJestConfig');
const {paths} = require('tsdx/dist/constants');

const config = createJestConfig(undefined, paths.appRoot)
config.transform["^.+\\.svg$"] = "jest-svg-transformer"
module.exports = config;

The SVG image does not render, but the test does not failed

The solution is not complete. Because the SVG file does not render on the test.

 PASS  src/components/Copyright/Copyright.spec.tsx
● Console

    Warning: Invalid value for prop `src` on <img> tag. Either remove it from the element, or pass a string or number value to keep it in the DOM. For details, see 
        at img
        at ImageDigitalcubeLogo
        at a
        at small
        at p
        at footer

But, we can complete running the test, so I prefer to use the way until finding another solution.


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